Captain's Log
9 July 2001

Amphibious Truck

We arrived in Beagle Bay this morning and sailed into a comfortable anchorage for the day. We were very fortunate to be so hospitably welcomed at the Beagle Bay Pearl Farm by Steve ‘Zimmo’ Zimmerman and his team. We were ferried ashore in an amphibious vessel, had a great guided tour and a barbecue lunch before returning onboard to make preparations for the youth crew command day. A big bonus was that we were all invited to take home some pearl shell, which most people jumped at.As I write the youth crew are electing their own command team for tomorrow, so I’ll leave it to them to tell the rest of the tale.Yours AyeMatthew RoweYouth Crew Entry from Simon Mathieson, 20 from Melbourne.We had a very interesting day today which began with our anchoring in Beagle Bay. After the usual preparations for the day we were picked up by the great guys from the pearl farm. We performed a quick change of vehicle in the middle of the bay, into this great amphibious truck, which with us all bound together tightly (to prevent any loss of crew, not cutlery it seems though) took us literally to their front door. A great tour followed and as always a great meal (minus cutlery). On return to the ship we weighed anchor and performed a number of sail setting drills to ensure that we are safe to go for command day tomorrow, when we take charge of the ship. A long election process and we are now ready to go with a new Captain, XO and every other essential member of the team (everyone). Wish us luck. Just quickly, Hi M+D and KSE+ OC ��� love you and I’ll see you soon.Youth Crew Entry from Phoebe Tonkin 19, from Melbourne.Well just a quick one tonight as we have a huge day planned for tomorrow with the youth crew taking charge of the boat. Although it is not yet late, everybody is off to bed. Its incredible how quickly your body clock adapts to late night/early morning watches. (I just know I’ll get home and wake up at 2330 and 0330 each night). It’s a beautiful night tonight with the stars and moon at the brightest I’ve seen. It’s amazing to see the Southern Cross in a completely different position in the sky than it is back home in Melb and makes you realise just how far we have all come. Wish us luck for tomorrow. Love to all.PS Jay says hi to fam and pals.


17° 13' South / 122° 9'


Captain's Log for Monday 9 July 2001Situation at 1800: At anchor off Berthelot Point, WA. Temperature 26C. Wind 055 at 13 knots.