Captain's Log
19 March 2000

America River

We have spent the last 24 hrs at anchor in Eastern Cove off the small sleepy township of America River. The youth crew went ashore for a BBQ lunch and then spent the afternoon mucking around at the beach and exploring the local area. Later in the afternoon everyone returned onboard and despite the cool weather there was high demand to open the pool. We rigged our swing rope from the course yard and all of the youth crew went in. Rick, the engineer, was the only staffy who went in, mumbling something about being Saturday and that he was going to have a swim whether he needed it or not.During the evening we had movie night (with popcorn) where the youth crew sat in awe watching the exploits of Captain Irving Johnson as he rounded Cape Horn in the ‘Peking’.This morning we will weigh anchor and proceed out into the Spencer Gulf in search of some wind and conduct some more sail drills in preparation for Command Day. It’s been a nice break ashore but it is now time to hit the ocean wave.


36° 25' South / 138° 28'


Temp 19, Wind 200/5kts, overcast, at anchor Kangaroo Island