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More than 14,000 young Australians have completed a voyage in STS Young Endeavour since 1988, and a further 12,000 guests have joined our community day sails. We love to hear from our alumni, to welcome you back on board for events, open ships and alumni voyages, and to invite you to events both on deck and ashore. 


Alumni can stay in touch by joining the Ambassador Program, visiting the ship in port, subscribing to the Salte-newsletter, and following the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme on social media.

Did you know the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme is a recognised education provider on LinkedIn? You can add your Young Endeavour Youth Development Program Certificate to your profile, or add the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme to Education to appear as alumni.

Young Endeavour Ambassadors


Young Endeavour Ambassadors are former youth crew who help us to actively promote the Young Endeavour Program to the public.


Ambassadors can volunteer to assist during ship open days, visit their local school, make a presentation to community organisations, share their experiences on social media, or could be asked to be an interview subject as part of a media interview. There are many ways to get involved.


Ambassadors contribute their enthusiasm and personal experiences to promote the Young Endeavour Program and inspire young people to apply for a voyage of a lifetime.

Why become an Ambassador?

After sailing in Young Endeavour and experiencing the youth development program, we hope that you recognise the benefits you have gained and that you would like to encourage others to undertake this life-changing voyage for themselves.


Being an Ambassador keeps you up to date with what the Scheme and the ship are up to and when new voyages are announced. It will allow us to easily reach out to you should we need your help at an event, open day or as part of a promotional activity. Being an Ambassador is also a valuable extracurricular activity that can be included on your CV and as part of your Linkedin profile.


Ambassadors also get preferential access to special voyages and functions aboard the ship and around the nation.

Being an Ambassador

Get Started Today

Would you like an Ambassador to present at an event or meeting?

Ambassadors can attend events or meetings and provide a presentation on the benefits of the Young Endeavour Program. We regularly ask local ambassadors to speak to parents, teachers, students and community groups, and can also attend university market days, senior school expos and other events.


Contact us and we’ll find out if there’s an Ambassador near you.


Young Endeavour Ambassadors are alumni who help us to actively promote the Young Endeavour Program to the public. All alumni can share their stories and experiences, however if you nominate as an Ambassador we can support you with marketing material, get in touch if we have local requests for ambassadors, and share upcoming events and activities.


Submit the nomination form below and we’ll be in touch as soon as we’ve verified your details. Please let us know if you’ve changed your name since you sailed in Young Endeavour, so we can find you in our system.


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