My voyage sailed from Fremantle to Esperance, and was probably the best thing I've ever done. Living and working in such close proximity alongside people I had never met before and may not have had anything in common with, from all across the country. There's no other program that offers an opportunity as unique as this!

We stepped onboard the ship as shy strangers, however came across some challenging weather only a couple of days in. Even though none of us had had the time to get to know everybody properly on board by then, it was so amazing to see all of us come together to work as one to get through that long night.  That was probably my first strong feeling of true teamwork on board the Young Endeavour. Everybody was trying to help one another wherever they could and build each other up, as we all had such varying sailing experience. 

The Young Endeavour was such an incredible learning experience, and without meaning to sound cliche, I honestly felt like a different person stepping off that ship two weeks later. It's hard to put into words the reasons why the program is so incredible. Not only was it so enlightening in terms of development, teamwork and leadership, but it also left me with the most amazing and priceless memories.

Sunset barbeques on the deck along with some singalongs with the crew, climbing my way up the 32m high mast and just feeling generally a lot physically stronger are some things I'll always be grateful for.

I'll also never forget the night we were on night watch, the wind was literally reading 0 knots so there wasn't a lot for us to be doing once we'd finished practicing a few drills. The minute we clocked off, instead of heading to bed my watch headed down to mid ships and lay on the deck looking at the stars. We were floating on the glassiest, most still water I had ever seen, the moon was the most brilliant orange colour above us reflecting on the water, and the stars were so clear and brilliant. It was absolutely silent, and definitely one of the most special moments I've ever experienced with the people I now call my closest friends.

It was an experience of a lifetime and I miss my fellow crew members so much, the bonds you make are irreplacable! To anybody considering applying, GO FOR IT! 


Annabelle Traves