I was lucky enough to go aboard and sail on the amazing Young Endeavour Tall Ship. 

To sum up the experience I was speechless when I came into Newcastle Port, meeting my family and friends. This was both due to losing my voice from laughing so much and for having no words to describe the amazing experience I had had over the 11 days while at sea. From stepping onto the boat in Sydney with a bag bigger than me I had major nerves and wondered why I had decided to do this, this was until I was welcomed by the crew and met so many lovely people in the first few hours. 

While on board, I not only learnt so much about sailing but about who I am. I learnt how to be a team member, how to follow direction, and how to give directions to all youthies on board. For anyone unsure about applying, trust me, you definitely will not regret accepting the voyage and taking part in such an amazing experience. 

Francesca Morris