This opportunity is indescribable. I assure you; you will forever cherish the moments and memories made aboard the STS Young Endeavour. A passage to evade the dreary seems of hostile reality and social conceptions to enter an escapism in a small world surrounded by never ending ocean blues. Days will tick over losing your vivid concept of time itself. You will discover your most valuable friends and develop relationships stemming in a lifelong family. If you seek help, they will always be there. Sooner or later, you will find yourself longing for those days and nights to become perpetual as you watch the hazed sun immerse between rugged horizons routinely every 24 hours. Lumes of the closest contact you have, will protrude through the veil of darkness creating a sense of tranquillity and peace. Regardless of the situation, the uplifting spirit and essence of the staff and youth crew will always leave a genuine smile on your face. As you climb aloft for the first time, your knees may buckle and shake, as did mine. But once you reach the peak, you discover a whole new world, suddenly you won’t be scared anymore but feel like you can touch the clouds. You will gather the concept of consuming fear before it consumes you. You can always count on the chef to create the finest meals, fit for kings and queens. And the places you will go. You will visit hidden treasures, where little people know exist, constructing a sanctuary of soul and happiness. By the end of the trip, you will carry no regrets as mistakes were turned into life lessons. Only a burning feeling that you have to leave it all behind.

Shaylee Darvell