After just finishing my little story titled "life long friends", I've realised how soon the end of the year is coming and therefore how soon the Sydney to Hobart voyage is! 

This equals me frantically shoving brochures in peoples letter boxes, getting young navy cadets excited over the future of them sailing YE when they're old enough, painting Hobart a wonderful shade of Young-Endeavour-promo-poster blue, and mentioning the voyage to anyone that even mutters the word "sail" or anything related to the subject. Man I'd even tattoo the YE logo on my body if it meant getting my feet firmly planted on deck when the yacht race starts! 

We're so close fellow ambassadors! Don't give up yet! We still have alumni to gather and youthies to recruit! 


-Rachel ~V03/14

*picture is of my view from my bunk on the first day of my voyage*

Rachel Baier