The STS Young Endeavour is not just a ship to me. To me she is a new opportunity, another home, and an adventure for so many young Australians, such as myself. 

My name is Nicola and in 2015 at the age of 18, I was lucky enough to be selected to take part in her World Voyage. I sailed as apart of the Voyage Crew in Leg 5A; Southampton, England to Aalborg, Denmark. During the voyage we took part in events in London, England, Lowestoft, England and raced in the 2015 Tall Ship Races from Kristiansand, Norway.  

I am incredibly thankful to the STS Young Endeavour, as they gave me the opportunity to represent my country, but also to go on a once in a lifetime adventure. While on my voyage, I was lucky enough meet people from multiple nations and from every walk of life, I am fortunate enough to still call a great majority of these people, friends. During my time on board the ship, I began to understand the great pride of what it meant to represent your country, but also what it means to be apart of the Young Endeavour family. This is why the STS Young Endeavour is another home to me, the staff crew and voyage crew become a crazy, funny, supportive family. This family will support you through your fears (i.e. heights), coach you to achieve your goals and remain with you for life. 

A few years on from my voyage, the STS Young Endeavour opened doors to world's I could never imagine. In late 2016, I spent 2 months sailing on the Jubilee Sailing Trust's, Barque SV Tenacious. I never would have considered going on such a ship, if I hadn't have been on the Young Endeavour first. After sailing on the SV Tenacious, it reminded me of my time on the STS Young Endeavour and that I want a career at sea. This is why I have started to look into a career in the Navy and I hope one day to mentor young Australians, on the STS Young Endeavour.

To those reading this, I hope it has helped you decide to go for it. Don't hesitate, what have you got to lose?  And if you do decide to put your name in the ballot and your lucky enough to be selected, WELCOME to the family. 

Nicola South