The great thing about being on the Young Endeavour is the strength of friendships made in such a short period of time. When I went on board the Young Endeavour I knew no one. I also hadn’t planned my way home from the boat yet. The whole “you’ve been selected”, “you have been approved”, getting picked up by shuttle transfer to the boat, all happened so quickly, I figured, I would just figure it out.

Well fair to say you meet people from all walks of life. Also fair to say that Melbourne is both huge and small. I live in Melbourne and I met a girl, shared a 6 berth with her, she works right near my uni and lives not far away. I got a lift home with her, and well, we hang out and catch up whenever we can. It’s great!

I was up visiting QLD recently and I just sent a couple of girls from White Watch V02/17 a message and bam just like that we met up and chatted for hours! Dinner at 1830, next minute 2230! How time flies. Of course the infamous bucket hats were compulsory attire. Luckily for me I travelled up with it. I love my bucket hat, from the moment I got it till, well now hahaha. Everyone loves a bucket hat!

Obviously I don’t keep in close contact with everybody from the voyage, but there are particular people who I know, when in the area I will be able to stop in and say hi and it will be awesome to catch up. They are the friends that I’ve made that I will stay in contact for, this will sound a bit tacky, but for life. 

Lauren Kappler