I should have known that boat was more than just a boat, I could see the Young Endeavour whenever she was docked in Woolloomooloo, I kept my mind open when I signed up for the voyage, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and who I was going to meet.

Now you will get sea sick, scared, confused and very challenged when you first set sail, I remember my surrendering my phone not remembering the last time I had given it up for more than a week, I saw all these different people that I had never seen, met or spoken to in my life which was unsettling for me. This was going to be a very long trip.

We set our goals and off we were out at sea, we went to a bay during the voyage to see how we were going with our goals, I was certainly smashing a few of mine but I wasn't really sure if I was facing any unmet fears, my watch was very tightly knit but we all mixed well with the entire crew, I had accomplished getting to know everyone on the Young Endeavour but still looking for a challenge...

It happened so quickly, our watch was called up to do our normal routine when sailing out of where we had set anchor, I had taken an interest in navigation and was put on the helm to have some fun, the wind was picking up and the sky darkened I could have sworn my watch didn't lie about it still being day time. I heard the rumble of thunder and saw a few flashes of lightning, I had quickly realised I was meeting my biggest fear- sailing a boat in a storm.
The ship swayed as the rain belted down, it was loud, disorientating and the waves were unforgiving, Tracey the Navigator was amazing, she popped up from the bridge and told me to surf the waves, I was amazed to see it made controlling this ship easier. The rain was icy, our watch huddled together, supporting each other like crazy, we were truly invincible.
The storm passed and we had the rest our voyage ahead of us, surfing the waves was engrained in my mind, I relaxed a little more and decided to see how things would go if I approached situations like this, the challenges we faced became easier to work through and I quickly found myself in love with the voyage.
When the sky had cleared and we were further out I did something a city dweller like me doesn't normally do and look up, I saw the milky way for the very first time, more stars than anywhere I had ever been on the south coast it was just magical, our watch gazed into the night in awe at the stars, in that moment I knew that this voyage will forever change me.

You will really discover yourself on this adventure, the challenges and people will grow you, there is nothing else like the Young Endeavour.

So what are you waiting for?
Set your sails, look up at the stars and don't fight these waves surf them!


Lexie Condon