I had never been someone who was afraid of heights, but as soon as I started climbing the mast for the first time, I couldn't stop shaking. I remember the numerous stops we had to make on our ascent to the top, the nerves just increased as I was standing there waiting. Once I was finally at the top, my watch leader suggested I go out and sit on the yard, so I managed that, and then fellow members of my watch encouraged me to sit on top of the yard. Believe it or not, it was more comforting to sit on top, until I realised I had to somehow get back down. Looking down and seeing the waves crashing against the ship, put things in a crazy new perspective. There was one day that as we were untying the gaskets, that we were watching dolphins, from above, as they were swimming alongside us. You don't get those experiences in many places, but the Young Endeavour helped make those come true for me!

After a while the climb became a little easier and was something you managed to get through. These were the types of challenges and experiences which encouraged me to apply for a voyage aboard STS Young Endeavour! The memories and life changing experiences are going to be with me forever.

Sherie Ball