It was 2am on Day 9 (Command Day). We had just anchored in Scawfell Island and I was woken up to go on watch duty.

It was very exciting to be able to see all of our efforts pay off as we anchored after a thrilling command day. However, it was me and Jess who had to go up to the topgallant yard on the port side and furl the topgallant sail. So we got up there pretty quickly (35 meters)  and we kept going pretty good until we got all the way out to the end of the yard.

We couldn't actually pick the sail up because it was a brand new sail. But we stayed up there until the job was done. I believe we were up there for almost 2 hours on that wire. It was really hurting our feet and legs after that long. Eventually, we got the job done (after some assistance from my good mate Alex) so we headed down and treated ourselves to a good hot chocolate!! 

Lachlan Bennie