Captain's Log
5 July 2008

Alongside, Naval Wharf Bulimba

Ahoy Shipmates,Welcome to the finalo log for V 05/08 – unfortunately I have missed the last couple of logs due to a computer glitch (PEBCAK) – sorry we haven’t kept you up to the minute.Since the resounding success of Command Day (just add tall ship, wind, and young Australians and hey presto – instant challenge!) we have had a busy time. Last night we anchored off Tangalooma resort at Moreton Is where we had a swim, the Command Day Debrief and fed the dolhins courtesy of the Resort’s generosity. We started early this morning and sailed up the river to Pinkenba, where we collected 80 guests (some with special needs) for a half day sail. Unfortunately the wind wasn’t that forthcoming, but we were able to sail enough to give our guests the general drift….Once we dropped our new friends off, we took the mighty YE upriver to Bulimba, where we have been busy storing, harbour furling and end of voyage debriefing since arrival. Tonight we will share our last night together as a crew with a BBQ, ship’s concert, and watches together during the night.Tomorrow we will berth at the Dockside Marina at 1000, where we look forward to catching up with family and friends – don’t be late!Until tomorrow,Yours AyeCaptain Chris


27° 27' South / 153° 4' East


Calm and Cool