Captain's Log
19 January 2008


Ahoy Shipmates,The last 24 hours have been, well, a bit seasick! 25 out of 27 Youth Crew went down hard, which was a shame, because the work still had to be done. What a team – everyone pitched in and worked through thier sesickness to get the ship all the way to Jervis Bay under sail. Fantastic!We had awesome sailing overnight, and after a tack atg midnight where we got evereyone up, we turned towards Jervis Bay. This morning we had morning brief, where the team met Nanna Diesel for the first time (she cleans up for us when we leave our stuff lying around – but when Nanna does something for you, then you do something for Nanna…). After a big happy hour, we had lunch (jarrod actually had some taker for this one – his cafe was in danger of going out of business). We berthed at HMAS CRESWELL, the Naval College at Jervis Bay at 1300. This was a day earlier than planned, but the southerly front we were expecting Monday will be through late tomorrow, making for good sailing back up to Sydney.Once settled, the sails were sea-furled, and we borrowed a class room ashore for the navigation and sail theory lectures. After a bit of a break, most of the Youth Crew went around to the beach for a bit of sport before dinner.So far things are going very well – the team are over their sea-sickness, and though tired and with bruises in new and interesting places, are bonding well together. I’m looking forward to getting back to sea tomorrow morning and seeing them perform!Until tomorrow, shipmates,Yours Aye,ChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


35°7's / 150°42'e


Wind NE 15-20 knots, calm with showers.