Captain's Log
24 January 2007

Alongside, Darling Harbour

Ahoy Shipmates,What a difference a day makes! Overnight we had a cracking sail off the coast of Sydney consolidating all of our sailing and navigation skills before we headed in to Sydney this afternoon. The weather which until now has been fina has become a little wet, although things are pretty warm.This morning we started on our big clean up in prepartion for Australia Day. This afternoon we completed Captain’s Setting and Furling Drills as the last check to ensure that eveyone could set and furl safely in preparation for command day tomorrow. Later this afternoon we berthed a Pyrmont so that the lighting technicians could rig the lighting fpr Australia Day and rehearse the, and later this evening we will be taking the ship into Darling harbour to practise for the big Australia Day Finale.As I write the Youth Crew are being treated to a ride in the Navy’s Jet RigidHull Inflateable Boat at 35knots around Sydney Harbour – what a buzz!Tomorrow is where the real challenge begins – Command Day. We will hand the ship over to the Youth Crew at 0730 tomorrow morning and see what happens next…Unitl tomorrow, Shipmates,Yours Aye,ChrisChris GallowayCommander, RANCommanding Officer


31° 27' South / 150° 50' East


Wind SSE 10-15 knots, overcast and clam.