Captain's Log
20 September 2006

Alongside, Burnie Port

Ahoy Me Hearties,What an interesting couple of days we have had. Late yesterday afternoon Command Day completed with the Youth Crew navigating the ship expertly to anchor in the approaches to Burnie. During the evening we had a Command Day debrief, and settled down into a quiet evening of anchor watches.Overnight the weather deteriorated, and by sunrise this morning we were rolling quite heavily in our anchorage. That didn’t stop us doing an upperdeck rust scrub for Early Morning Activity, before Morning Brief and happy hour. After that we weighed anchor and berthed the ship at Burnie Harbour to pick up our half-day sail guests. Unfortunately due to the strong winds (there’s a gale warning out there) we had to stay alongside and entertain our new friends. This we did in style, and they all left at about 1300, with big smiles.This afternoon we set about harbour furls, storing ship and cleaning up the deck. Tonight we will have end of voyage talks and the ship’s concert, and tomorrow…it is all over. We will be moving berth across to No.7 berth Burnie Harbour, arriving alongside at 1000. Family and friends are welcome to join us on arrival!Until next Voyage,Yours Aye,Chris GallowayLieutenant Commander, RANCommandning OfficerP.S. Hi Sarah and Gracie – missing you heaps – Dad.


41° 3' South / 145° 55' East


Wind - Westerly 25-35 knots, sea rough, showers and v.cold!