Captain's Log
10 March 2005

Alongside Adelaide Ocean Passanger Terminal.

1. Situation at 11:00 2. The Ship spent a busy night at anchor, with the youth crewremaining in sea watches overnight. This allowed them theopportunity to record their voyage in the Ship’s scrapbook, and toexchange all important phone numbers and email addresses.3. A magnificent sunrise was the backdrop to the final morningactivity – daggy dancing. A minor technical glitch saw NavigatorHibbo create a beat, and the dancing styles can only be described asilluminating.4. A final happy hour clean of the ship had her in ‘shipshape andbristol fashion’ for her final entry to Adelaide. The youth crewmanned the yards in an impressive display of how their confidencealoft has improved. Unfortunately their rousing rendition of theNational Anthemn, whilst sang with so much enthusiam, highlightedthat singing practice was not part of the program onboard.5. Captain John welcomed the family and friends gatherd on the wharfto join the youth crew on deck for the presentation of certificatesto our 24 youth crew and two supernumaries. Congratulations toeveryone who made this voyage such a great success, and especiallyDave who was the recepient of ‘The Order of Australia Medallion’awareded to the youth crew member who best embodied the spirit ofYOUNG ENDEAVOUR.6. A special thank you to the staff crew of this voyage. Theirconstant drive and dedication is reflected in the youth crew wholeave with huge smiles, a real sense of achievement and new friends.Fair winds and following seas to you all.Yours, AyePhil GadenLEUT, RANRforJohn CowanCMDR, RAN


1° 1' South / 1° 1' East


Wind Sou'West at 12 kts, Temp:24c, Cloud 1/8.