Captain's Log
18 November 2007

Alongside Adelaide

This morning we weighed anchor at 7.00 and sailed in company with the ���One and All�� along the Adelaide coastline. At the morning brief at 8.00 we shared some exciting news that we had received overnight with the youth crew; the Young Endeavour Youth Scheme had been named the Sail Training Organization of the Year at the International Sail Training Conference then taking place in London. At 10.00 a local news helicopter buzzed us and we gave them some action footage of the youth crew aloft on the three yards putting in the final harbour furls on the square sails. We then followed close behind ���One and All�� for the lengthy transit of the Port Adelaide River to the inner harbour. Here a new bridge is being built and we had to negotiate the narrow gap through the one span remaining open. Once through we braced the yards square and rapidly deployed the youth crew aloft to man the yard for our final alongside. I noted with some pride the speed with which all the youth crew could safely and confidently climb aloft, contrasted with their first climb only 10 days ago. Once the yards were manned we circled past ���One and All��, which by then was alongside, the youth crew singing with gusto to the crowd on the wharf and we exchanged three cheers with our fellow tall ship as we passed close by on the way to our berth. Once alongside with the youth crew back on deck my last task for the voyage was to hand the youth crew their voyage certificates and announce Melody Wisse as the Order of Australia Association medallion winner. Always a sad happy moment we then all made our final farewells. This has been a voyage of calms and light winds which could have led to much frustration but the youth crew embraced their opportunity on board and have certainly made the most of their experience.Carpe DiemCaptain Bob


34° 50' South / 138° 31' East


Light south wind, clear skies.