Captain's Log
19 April 2002

Aloft on the Yards

Current sitaution at 1800: After a well earned night’s sleep we weighed anchor and went alongside Station Pier to pick up our guests for the day sail. Our guests included young people from St Kilda Youth Services and theRocket Program.We got sailing in very light winds and we had an enjoyable and upright sail in crisp conditions. Most guests climbed and set sails and the YC were great hosts. We returned at 1pm and this afternoon we harbour furled the sails with all YC aloft on the yards – it was a great sight. This evening we will kick back and relax, watch thelights of Melbourne and savour the last evening on board.Stay tuned, Andrew Davis


37° 50' South / 144° 55'


At anchor in Port Melbourne, wind southerly at 5 knots, temp 17C