Captain's Log
V11/18 Newcastle to Brisbane
30 June 2018

Almost total absence of wind

Ahoy there shipmates,Another great night at sea saw lots of activity as you would expect. Overnight, watch leaders facilitated a self-reflection and self-awareness activity we call ‘Apples and Onions’ as well as continuing preparations for this morning’s ‘Captain’s Setting and Furling’ assessment.At 0730 Horto and I commenced this assessment. On Command Day, which commences tomorrow, the youth crew assume command for 24 hrs and therefore they will decide when sails need to be set and furled. To ensure they are ready for this level of responsibility we assess their basic competence at setting and furling the stay sails. I am pleased to announce that all watches were successful.Morning Brief was followed by Happy Hour and then it was time for another of Marcus’ delicious lunches.We had planned to conduct Demonstrational Tacks today but unfortunately the almost total absence of wind prevented this. Instead we race-tracked along the coast practising coastal navigation for a couple of hours, before anchoring off Coolangatta for the night.On anchoring we lit the BBQ on deck and Sail Master Evan cooked the meat while I gave the Command Day and Command Day Elections briefs. By the time I had finished dinner was ready and we sat around on deck enjoying the Tweed Heads evening vista.Once we had cleaned up after dinner the election process started with some campaign speeches and then, with the assistance of a neutral observer (Harry), the youthies elected their 10 person Command Team for tomorrow. An hour later Youth Crew Captain Emily-Louise Coggan came to see me with the election results.Congratulations Emily and your team.Until tomorrow.Yours Aye,Captain MikePs. From Alex: Dan, have a swell birthday. Enjoy your 21st.


28 09.4' S / 153 31.7' E


Weather - fine, Wind - 220/6 knots, Swell - easterly at 0.5 m, Temp - 16 deg. C