Captain's Log
22 February 2006

Almost at Montague Island

Well it has been an exciting and interesting 24 hours. Late lastnight, one of the Youth Crew spotted a Tanker out at sea – ourfirst sign of human life in 5 days. We are still on passage toAustralia with only 140 nautical miles to Eden. We intend to makeit to Montague Island late tomorrow morning where at 1300 theYouth Crew will take control of the ship for 24 hours and sail usinto Eden. In preparation for Command Day, our elections wereheld this afternoon. Adam was elected CO, Bryce elected as XO andSimon and Alex will be our Navigators. Looking after the threewatches will be Bree, Dale and myself as Watch Leaders, and cookingup a storm in the galley will be Breeah, Alice, Abbey and Jess as ourChefs. We are all having the time of our lives but are lookingforward to seeing land again.Suze (Youth Crew)P.S Hi to Mum, Dad, Peter, Belinda, Robyn and Michael. I love you alland miss you heaps. See you soon.


36° 53' South / 153° 14' East


Motor Sailing, Tasman Sea, passage to Eden, NSW