Captain's Log
18 February 2000

All sails set

Winds remained light yesterday afternoon but we still managed to do some tacking drills which went well. Overnight we motor sailed in the light and variable conditions and if nothing else managed to punch out quite a few miles towards Sydney.With sunrise this morning came some breeze which has been gradually strengthening. We are now sailing with all sails set on a beam reach and cruising along very nicely. It’s a great sailing day and everybody is smiling. This morning we did some more tacking practice and that will be it for a while. The youth crew have got the hang of it now, although the extra weight in the lines today caught a few by surprise.This afternoon the youth crew will receive a lecture on celestial navigation and then to wake them up we will hold a deck olympics which are always a lot of fun. Hopefully this southerly wind will hold out for a while.


33° 7' South / 166° 52'


Course 270, Speed 8kts, Wind 180/20kts, warm, sunny and windy