Captain's Log
20 November 2009

All Hands to Reduce Sail!

Voyage Log ��� Friday 20 Nov/ Day 3As I left you yesterday, the barometer had just begun to plunge and we felt a thunderstorm in our midst. Leaping into action, the crew ran to their stations to reduce sail ��� a wise and seamanlike precaution which soon yielded dividends. Just as the first of the night watches began, the drama started with a series of squalls sweeping through with gusts of more than 60 knots (112 km/h). We passed a merchantman in the ensuing storm with Jodie H. from the Youth Scheme Office on the helm, and only a few wished they were aboard the larger vessel as they discovered the inherent seaworthiness of an offshore sailing ship such as YOUNG ENDEAVOUR.After some early excitement, the rest of the night passed quietly as we made good ground to the SW. By breakfast time we had passed the town of Robe and were planning another 24hrs at sea before we went to anchor. To spice-up the process of ���learning the ropes’, the crew were then introduced to the only competition we welcome on the voyage – a race between the watches to recall and then locate lines and safety features. Having had lunch the Navigator was later convinced to share some of his hard-earned experience and to introduce the mysterious art of navigation. Sworn to secrecy and with an air of complicity, the crew returned to the bridge when released from their charts to discover that the wind had freshened on the quarter – the plan is now for each of the watches to climb the foremast, cast loose and set a square sail.We hope to anchor and step ashore tomorrow to hug a tree … but as we like to say – everything is fluid at sea!Until tomorrow,Captain Paul


38° 6' South / 140° 37' East


Overcast and 28 degrees with a freshening breeze from the SW.