Captain's Log
V08/21 Airlie Beach to Cairns
18 July 2021

Airlie Beach to Sea

The youths started the fourth day doing their anchor watches. The crew woke up to the sounds of the Pokémon theme song accompanied by Rasuputin as we made our maiden laps around the boat (thanks to our illustrious sailmaster for the killer tunes).

Adam gave the crew another stunning brekky being eggs benny which even benny, the engineer, could crack a smile over. The flags were then raised for colours and the national anthem was sung.

The staffies brightened the mood with a creative explanation of why the bathrooms are called ‘The Heads’. Suddenly the crew witnessed a live display from the producers of SHIP house productions; the staffies made-up theatre company (hats off to Phoebe and Reggie for their spectacular performances as ‘the figurehead’ – the ravishing wooden goddess of the bowsprit and ‘Cheeky Jack’ a sailor with unfortunate bowel movements. Alongside the explanation of the French term ‘bidet’.

Then “Happy hour!” much to the distain of the youths was then completed with extra attention because it was not completed on the 3rd day. The youths then got to go ashore and were tasked with a group icebreaker exercise. They returned to an afternoon of killer beats, awesome dancing and deck games. A barbecue was then hosted by the good Captain Mike and Adsy.

We then got away into setting sails to begin our voyage to cairns. We learnt a few new things and got ready for yet another delicious meal by Sir Adam, King of the Chefs. The Youths then conducted their nightly watches with a belly full of happiness and the energy to show for it. Much to Emma the sailmaster’s dismay (and Bennie). Cheers from Rhonda (Roger) and Teagz.


Thanks Roger and Tegan for your narrative of the day’s events.

Until tomorrow, Yours Aye, Captain Mike


19 57.5' S / 148 39.7' E


Wind: Easterly 10 Kn, Swell: Easterly 0.5 m, Weather: Fine and clear, Temp: 22 deg C