Captain's Log
15 May 2001

Aerobics ‘Kick-Boxing’ Style

Command Day ��� The day the youth crew can put into practice all they have learnt on the voyage. We awoke at 5:30am for some aerobics ‘kick boxing’ style and then I handed Command of Young Endeavour to Brendan Twine, 20, of Brisbane and Voyage 08/01. Their mission was to sail upwind to Fitzroy Island, anchor there and land the Beach Assault Team (BAT), returning to False Cape at 6am Wednesday. We reached the beach at 6:30pm and the BAT set a new record for the number of people they got to sing the National Anthem with them – 40. Our thanks go to Redlynch State Primary School for your help. Sorry to break up your party – hope you have a great visit.The wind has been by far the strongest of the voyage and the Youth Crew got the ship up to 7 knots and had a big lean going. Tonight the YC intend weighing anchor and sailing back towards Cairns. Their day has gone very well. They have been extremely energetic, keen and focussed on the task and there’s lots of positive teamwork happening all over the ship. Well done!Youth Crew entry by Kat Pirvics, 22, Brisbane and Dan Crichton, 16, Mirriwnni.We have almost completed the voyage of a lifetime. Today was our command day where the youth took over the ship for 24 hours. Our roles were the chefs as well as Tammy from Cairns . We all got up at 5am this morning to prepare for the busy day ahead. The chef’s role is a very important part of the ships crew as people get hungry and always come to the cafe (galley) for relaxation and to reflect on the day.The whole youth crew did a fantastic job today as the Bat team made it to shore after battling 15 to 20 knots wind with the ship on a incredible lean.I Kat have learned a great deal from this voyage such as teamwork, tolerance and understanding of others at all times even at 4am in morning. I have met some great people who I hope to keep in touch with long after we depart Cairns and head home. The staff on board are great and give so much inspiration and encourage to all. I would like to say hi to all my mates at the Treasury Casino in Brisbane and also to Mum, Dad and Em who I can not wait to see in a few days.To all the Young Australians who read this take the plunge and apply and keep applying. This is something you will never regret doing, it will change your life in so many ways. If you see a yellow shirt around come and ask us about it ��� you will hear great stories.Hi I’m Dan. This has been great for myself I enjoyed everyday and pictured ever moment on film and in my mind I learnt a lot. I had set goals and I achieved them with flying colours. I advise anyone that likes adventures to think about this, because you meet people and have that much fun. I want to say hi to my two best friends Sonja And Jodi ��� love you both. Mum, Dad, Carly and Katie ��� Love you, all can’t wait to get home.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


16° 55' South / 145° 58'


Current situation at 1930: At sea off Cape Grafton, Cairns. Wind 20-25 knots (at last). Temp 24 C.