Captain's Log
29 June 2006

AERLIE BEACH. LOG V10/06POSN: 20.14S 148.42E, Yesterday was amazing. After spending a very relaxing day atWhitehaven Beach, everyone returned to the ship to enjoy a wellearned dinner cooked by Sammi ‘not just a cook but a gourmet cheff’.At 1900 it was time to get underway again. After casting loosegaskets on the mainsail, we weighed anchor and set sail for a bit ofa bumpy night in the tropical paradise that is the WhitsundayIslands. Pity you can’t see much of them at night.As this morning dawned, the wind began to abate. We struck the stormtrisail, set the mainsail and achieved the fastest speed of thevoyage so far, 10.2kts, all thanks to the combined efforts of red andwhite watch. Just before 1100 we came to anchor off Aerlie beach,just in time for an infomative lecture about rules of the road at seaand then lunch. After lunch, it was time to head ashore to sample thedelights of the tourist mecca that is Aerlie beach. So far these seemto have consisted of coffee, coke, chocolate and more of the latter.Tonight will be spent at anchor resting, in preperation for the nextpart of our northerly voyage. Who knows where we’ll stop.Ian HibbardLEUT, RANCaptain V10/06


20° 14' South / 148° 42' East