Captain's Log
15 June 2000

A Youth Crew Song

Had a great concert last night with the highlight being a song written and sung by the whole YC. The fact that it was done as one epitomises the level of teamwork that this crew has established.Having weighed anchor, the YC lay aloft and manned the yards for entry and the joyful strains of our anthem were sung with passion as the ship berthed at 1000. I presented voyage certificates to the YC and said farewell to them. They were a real pleasure to sail with and I was sad to see them depart. I presented the Order of Australia emblem to Willem New for his tremendous efforts during the voyage. Not wanting to take anything away from Willem, the choice was very difficult and the staff pondered over and discussed the issue for a long time. This reflects in the most positive way how good this YC was.The staff now has a few days to prepare for the next voyage commencing on Monday when we sail for Mackay.Chat to you Monday. Have a great weekend.Andrewp.s. go the Wallabies on Saturday night


23° 50' South / 151° 15'


Alongside Auckland No.2 Wharf, Gladstone, Wind SE 15 kts, Temp 19, clear