Captain's Log
31 October 2009

A welcome anchorage …

Hello again everyone,A quiet night at sea last night with each of the Watches doing their \’Bearex\’, which is a team building and practical activity usually involving the setting of one of the seldom used sails in a set time. The consequence of not quite getting it right was apparent when we ended up pointing in the wrong direction. Impressive recovery though with the middle watch team getting us back on track in only a few minutes!Throughout the morning another cold front approached so without delay we did a set of demonstrational tacks where the Youth Crew got to witness what is happening up at the bridge to coordinate and control activity to allow us to manoeuvre. With that complete it was time to seek shelter in Bremer Bay. With the winds up and the need to anchor a little way offshore we unfortunately couldn\’t get ashore to hug that tree but instead found plenty to do on board including some deck games – probably best the Youth Crew demonstrate on their return but suffice to say I am not very good at passing an orange from chin to chin without using hands.It has been good having Jarrod from WA on board to tell us about this part of the south coast where we seldom get to. It was also good to be able to advise the Youth Crew today that they had proven themselves competent in climbing the masts and as such are now able to climb without the need for direct supervision. Some warm to it more than others but in any event it is amazing to see how people develop against such challenge.This evening the Youth Crew conducted their Command Day elections. Tomorrow is Command Day and the Youth Crew will have the Ship fror 24 hours. Captain Rob (short for Bob) will bring you an update tomorrow evening. Until then …Dave J (Yak)Voyage Captain


34° 25' South / 119° 24' East


Yuk - glad we got to anchor for the passing of the cold front! Wind is SW at 20-25 knots and sea 1.5 metres on a 2.0 metre swell also from the SW. I expect this to moderate for our sailing again tomorrow. The good news is we won\'t be pounding into it! Barometer is 1018 Hpa and falling. Dutchy our Navigator told us there would be no rain today - well, we got a little bit but nothing serious.