Captain's Log
3 January 2001

A Tall Ship in Her Element

The last 24 hours have gone well. Overnight everyone made it aloft to the topgallant and started to make the ship home. This morning line and sail handling took place in earnest and this afternoon we tacked the ship twice, an all hands evolutions which marks the crew as ready to continue to sea for the night.Currently we are working our way out of Storm Bay against the wind, tacking our way out of Storm Bay to clear Tasman Island and then into the deep blue sea. This has taken an additional three tacks so far, including one in a fresh 28 knot gust which, with the ship pressed well over, water creaming around the scuppers, and surging along at nine knots impressed the lessons of the day and gave the Youth Crew a taste of the excitement of sailing a tall ship in her element. The seas are a little lumpy and dinner was not a well attended feast, but all are coping and gaining their sea legs. Tonight we will be at sea as we make our way up the coast towards our first stop, Wineglass Bay.Until tomorrowCap’n Bob Williams


43° 7' South / 147° 26'


Current situation at 1800: Under all plain sail in Storm Bay, course 110 speed 5 knots, wind south 15 knots, clear skies, temp a pleasant 20C.