Captain's Log
29 October 2001

A Spring Clean for YE !

G’day shipmates, the Circumnavigation is not yet complete but the ship has returned to Sydney for seven weeks to conduct some maintenance before continuing with two more Voyages before Christmas. Since we completed Voyage 16/01 from Melbourne the ship has been in Sydney undergoing some much needed maintenance and repairs. Major work has included painting the underwater part of the hull and renewing our paint scheme on the sides.We’ve also taken down all three yards to be painted and inspected so we are looking pretty bare at the moment. The ship has been out of the water since early October and sitting in a floating dock at Garden Island. We’ll be in dock until late October then berth at Fleet Base getting the ship ready to sail again after we’ve given her a good spring clean and re-run all the rigging and bent the square sails back onto the yards.The Staffies have been working hard on board but we’ve had a break too so that we are well rested and ready to get going in late November. On Monday 19 and Tuesday 20 November we will be undertaking some sea trials to prove our mechanical systems and sails in Sydney Harbour. If you are a returnee and interested in joining us to help out on these days visit the returnee section of the website for more details. Our next Voyage (17/01) starts in Newcastle on Monday 26 November, till then….Yours ayeAndrew Davis


33° 52' South / 151° 13'


In floating dry dock. Garden Island Navy Base, Sydney.