Captain's Log
4 July 2000

A short steep chop

Although we remained alongside overnight the training program continued as normal through the night. Everybody managed to get aloft and nearly everybody made it to the topgallant yard. It was a great effort, and already there is a real feeling of team spirit onboard.This morning it was up at 0630 for a spot of exercise before breakfast. Colours and morning brief were held at 0800 and then it was onto the joys of ‘happy hour’ or cleaning stations as they are formally known. The gyro repair guy turned up with parts in hand mid morning and as he beavered away, the YC got into some instruction on deck safety. The gyro was declared fixed shortly after lunch and at 1315, the ship departed the Mackay Marina.As we departed the breakwater, we were greeted by a short steep chop that soon had some of the YC heading for the leeward rail. Nevertheless the show must go on and sail handling drills commenced. Engines were shut down after a while and the YC were working very hard at setting and furling numerous sails. We gave them a break for dinner and are now just completing the first set of tacking drills. So far so good. It has been a very long and hard day for everybody.This evening we will sail through the night as we run up towards the Whitsunday Passage. We will be wearing ship at each watch change with all hands on deck required, so I suspect it will be a very tired YC (and staff) tomorrow morning. We will spend tomorrow cruising the Whitsunday Passage area and maybe go to anchor tomorrow night. That probably sounds very cruisy, but I expect we will do in the order of 12-15 tacks tomorrow and that will be hard work, albeit, fun hard work.Chat tomorrowAndrew


20° 42' South / 149° 30'


Course 290, Speed 6kts, Wind SE 15kts, Temp 19, passing showers