Captain's Log
14 March 2002

A Serene Sunset Silent Period

Situation at 1800: A night at anchor went a long way towards having everyone back in high spirits after the previous day’s spate of rough weather and seasickness. So we wasted no time in getting back to sea, weighinganchor at 0645 and setting sail after breakfast. Later that morning we initiated the Youth Crew into the mysteries of sailing a tall ship with a sail theory lecture (at least I think I managed to enlighten a few) and in the afternoon we consolidated the theory with demonstration tacks, where all Youth Crew were given the opportunityof observing the conduct of a tack from the bridge.This evening we enjoyed the serenity of a sunset silent period, where we shutdown the ship’s generators and sailed with only the noise of the wind in the sails, the bow slicing through the water and of course the chattering of the Youth Crew.Tonight the watches will conduct teamwork exercises as we continue back towards Port Pirie.Until tomorrow,Cap’n Bob.


34° 2' South / 137° 12'


Course 060 Speed 9 knots. Wind southeast 12 knots, skies clear, temp 21 degrees.