Captain's Log
18 December 2002

A Pod of Dolphins

Situation at 21:00: It was a relatively quiet but productive set of night watches last night. As we made ground to the Nor’East the watch-on-deckpractised setting and furling drills. The weather stayed favourable but there were still several green faces feeding the Dolphins. The Youth Crew were aloft to observe a terrific sunrise at sea, and before long the Ship was visited by a pod of Dolphins. Lots of good photo opportunities there.At morning brief Salty Sea-Dog Chooka unravelled the mystery of the nautical origins of several every day sayings. Engineer Stewy made a good haul with his scran bag and before long the upperdeckswere alive with the sound of music (aplogies to Julie Andrews). Happy Hour today was a special event-Brasso day. At one point we were in danger of running out of elbow grease but all hands turned to with a will and before long the Ship was shining.After morning tea (great pastry Stony) Captain John led the Youth Crew in a somewhat animated lecture on sailing theory. This was an interactive activity that had the Youth Crew learning the basics of how a sail works and the effects that setting different sails have in YOUNG ENDEAVOUR (it is all about balance). After lunch the Shipentered Broken Bay and anchored off Hungry Beach. All hands went ashore for a swim and some sport. Well done to Navigator Phil forleading his group in 86 consecutive vollies of the ball.Chef Stony presented us with a magnificant Barbeque when we returned onboard. After the exercise on the beach all hands were keento sample his wares-and did so roundly. Once the Galley and Cafe were squared away the TV was flashed up for the only time during thevoyage. The Youth Crew were able to enjoy watching an incredible video of a square-rigger rounding Cape Horn, in 1929. Shortlyafterwards, we weighed anchor and sailed clear of Broken Bay and Barrenjoey Head. We will be Southbound throughout the night so as to be in a position to enter Sydney Harbour tomorrow afternoon.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Fact File: The Ship’s hull is painted ‘Britannia’ blue. Other than the former royal yacht, YOUNG ENDEAVOUR is the only ship in the world to have royal permission to wear this colour.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary: Brace-The line from each end of a yard(the yardarm) by which the yard is swung or braced round to set the square sail to the wind. Fife Rail-The pin rail directly at the foot of a mast, so named because it was traditionally made from oak trees grown in the county of Fife in Scotland.There are now very few oak trees left in Fife.Thought of the day: The roots of responsibility run out to the ends of the earth and we can no more isolate our consciences from world issues than we can fence off our oyster beds from the tides ofthe ocean. Ralph Sockman.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN


33° 36' South / 151° 23' East


At sea under four sails Wind: East at 15 kts, Temp:23 c, 7/8 cloud, Heading Sou'East.