Captain's Log
10 August 2000

A Night of Entertainment

Last night was tropically balmy and the perfect setting for a night of entertainment. The end of voyage concert was a whole lot of fun and there were some very good acts. Kath is still searching for Tasmania.This morning it was up bright and early to give the ship a good scrub ensuring that we look our best for arrival. We weighed anchor at 0930 and as we motored to the wharf, the YC lay aloft to man the yards. It’s been a glorious day and we made quite an impression as we berthed with the YC singing the national anthem.With everybody on deck and the YC mustered together for the last time, I presented Voyage certificates to each of the YC. I then had the pleasure in awarding the Order of Australia Emblem to Nicholas ���the Walrus’ Smith. This youth crew had bonded very well as a crew and it has been a real pleasure to see them develop in what has been quite a tough voyage. I hope they will keep in touch with the ship.We now have the weekend in Gladstone and a new crew will join on Monday for the voyage to Brisbane. You won’t hear from me on the next voyage as Andrew Davis, the Executive Officer and future captain, will be exercising temporary command, while I’m going to be on deck and working as a Watch Leader. I’m looking forward to the change in roles and working on deck and I’m sure Andrew is looking forward to having a drive.Have a good weekend readers. The other Andrew will chat to you next voyage.Andrew


23° 50' South / 151° 15'


Alongside Auckland Pt Wharf, Gladstone Harbour, Wind 000, 5-10kts, Temp 23, beaut day - a real corker