Captain's Log
11 September 2000

A New Captain

I took Command of Young Endeavour (that’s me in the photo) from Andrew Rourke last Thursday. It was a pleasure sailing with him and Gunna (I know you’re reading this) – you will always be welcome onboard. On Saturday evening the Sydney Reunion was held on the ship (and pontoon) and was extremely well attended. Over 230 came from all around Australia and from Voyages as far back as 1990. As usual it was a great night and lots of fun was had by people catching up with old shipmates. These nights always pass too quickly.Now to Voyage 15a/00, which is a voyage from Sydney to ….Sydney, and although we arrive back half way through the Olympic Games, we are determined not to miss seeing the Opening Ceremony. The new Youth Crew joined this afternoon and after a welcome we got underway to an early start. Staff Crew member ‘Ducky’ had the controls and took the ship away from the wharf for his first unberthing. Well done Quackas – you’re a legend.At present a strong wind warning is in force. After departing Garden Island, we motored down Sydney Harbour and anchored in Hunter’s Bay, where we will remain for the evening, getting underway mid- morning tomorrow. So far the Youth Crew have got to know their shipmates and ship and feasted on a great dinner that was prepared by masterchef, Woody. Presently they are climbing aloft for the first time and undertaking one of many challenges that will be offered to them. My first impression is that they are a good bunch and I am confident they will develop into a great team. They will keep watches overnight, climb to the mast top this time and learn to tie some new knots.The Staffies on for this Voyage are: Paul-XO, Damo-Nav, Nathan-Watch Officer, Ducky-White WL, Ange-Blue WL, Kath-Red WL, Woody-Chef and Eddie-Engineer.Tomorrow I will invite one of the Youth Crew to give an impression of their first day onboard.Speak to you thenAndrew Davis


33° 49' South / 151° 15'


Situation at 1800: At Anchor Hunter's Bay, Balmoral Beach, Sydney, Windy and cold, but there's a full moon.