Captain's Log
13 February 2002

A Matchless Experience

Current situation at 1800: After a peaceful night at anchor, where our tummy muscles relaxed after laughing so much at the concert, we weighed the anchor and berthed at Ceduna to embark our guests. The ‘pea soup’ fog inthe bay that enveloped the ship made berthing interesting – we only saw the wharf moments before we were resting on it. Sailing in alight breeze and thick fog was a bit spooky but it quickly cleared and we had a great day. Our guests departed at 1 PM and now we are back at anchor. This is the YC’s last night on the YE. At 10 AM Thursday, we complete this 15 day voyage from Geelong.Youth Crew entry by Ashley:The voyage has finally come to an end and everyone will soon be scattered from one side of Australia to the other. This voyage has been the best time of my life and will be remembered for a life time to come.The people are great and the experience will probably never be matched. The saga of Kenny the bear who was soon swept into the lime light over the Young Endeavour soap opera has finally finished and Kenny can now sit back and relax on a Carribean island awaiting the sequel to be produced. Being away for so long from home has been weird but fascinating. I miss my family but I still know that they will be there when I return. I will miss the experience when I’m gone and also the people some of whom I have become close friends with. My peak experience of climbing in the yards and looking at the vastness of the ocean was fantastic. I will never regret going on the Young Endeavour, nor forget the people I have met, places I have been and experiences I have had.Youth Crew entry from Kat:Greetings fellow earthlings and little green aliens.Tonight is our last night on the ship. I’m soooo excited about seeing my folks on Friday, I know I’ll run up to them hysterically and give them big juicy hugs, and I’ll cry, I guarantee. The last 6 days or so have been absolutely amazing, I stood on the Topgallant Yard, the highest point of the ship (I think) and saw heaps of dolphins swimming alongside the ship. The highlight of the voyage for me was being part of the B.A.T team with Jen, Michael and Lachlan. We were responsible for rescuing Kenny from execution and claiming a port for the youth of Australia. We succeeded. We had to row a blow up boat 1500 metres against a current to a beach were we knew Kenny was being held captive. Armed with face and body paint, dressed as pirates/idiots (Michael wore his boxers and I had a permanent black marker moustache) we rowed to port and started a frantic search for Kenny. Michael ran up and down the pier in his boxers, we all thought the people who were patrolling the pier would pick him up for indecent exposure, but they just laughed at us along with the rest of the locals on the pier. Once we found Kenny we had to claim the port for the youthlings of the Wonderful Land of Oz. This required singing the National Australian Anthem with a flag dangling from our oars into a walkie talkie (hehe) so the rest of crew back on the ship could share the wonderful and magic moment with us. It has been a blast. See you soon Ma, Pa, Smelly Delly and Mikaelgorbachof,KatStay tuned,Andrew Davis


32° 8' South / 133° 38'


At anchor Murat Bay, Ceduna. Temp 27C, Wind southerly sea breeze at 15 knots.