Ambassador Story
17 February 2017

A journey of self-discovery

“There’s something surreal about standing at the bow of the Young Endeavour in open ocean contemplating the world. The engines have long been turned off, Zephyrus, god of the west wind fills our sails as we cut through the Pacific Ocean. I gaze out, turn my head round and round, the curvature of the horizon surrounds me, overwhelms me. I am alone. We are alone. For the 23 other Youth Crew and I, this is our patch of ocean. I taste and smell the salty air and smile at the albatross gliding above us. A moment of contemplation amidst the challenge of a Youth Voyage. My eyes begin to well up. What an opportunity, how fortunate am I to grow up in Australia, to be able to sail on a ship for self-development rather than self-preservation… I must make the most of this chance, how can I contribute to making the world a better place… How do I stay true to myself?

These and other revelations will arise when you set sail on the voyage of a lifetime with STS Young Endeavour. Whilst there is time for reflection, let there be no doubt, the voyage will challenge you, your sleep patterns will be disrupted, you will likely throw up but you will be mentally stronger for it, you will make friends for a lifetime, you will have an adventure and for all these reasons, I’d gladly rejoin the ship and recommend you too, Expand Your Horizons and apply for the ballot.”

Phillip Gao