Captain's Log
5 August 2000

A Great Wallabies Day

Sailed throughout the night tacking at midnight and again at 0230. Each watch conducted a team work exercise during their night watch and from all reports they went very well. During the night the wind backed to the east enabling square sails to be set during the morning watch (0400-0800) so by 0700 this morning the ship was sailing along very nicely at over 9kts.A set of rope races were held before lunch and the ship came to anchor early in the afternoon off Great Keppel Is. As we approached the anchorage we were listening to the rugby test updating the scores to everybody as the game went on. We waited until the game finished, and what a finish it was – John Earles you’re a legend, before the YC went ashore for a bit of sport on the beach. Each of the watches also got together to discuss the voyage and how things are going.This evening I spoke to the YC about their Command Day and what is expected from them. I think they are all looking forward to theexperience and I expect they will have a good go at it. Later this evening it will be movie night to see the ‘super-seaman’ himself do his stuff around Cape Horn.We will get underway tomorrow morning and we have a few more sailing drills to complete before the command day. The forecast is for more strong winds from the SE so we should have plenty of wind to test the YC and have a bit of fun as well.My YC volunteer to write a passage for the log has gone to bed so there will be no YC entry today.It’s been a great Wallabies day.Chat tomorrowAndrew


23° 9' South / 150° 59'


At anchor Great Keppel Is, Wind E-SE 15-20kts, Temp 17, Partly cloudy