Captain's Log
11 July 2011

A Great Day Of Sailing

Hi Everyone, Following a busy night at anchor everyone was awake and on deck at 0700 this morning. Given the spectacular anchorage and the relatively warm conditions it was decided to start the morning with a refreshing ‘wake up swim’ in the crystal clear waters of Refuge Cove followed by a hearty BBQ breakfast which was served alfresco style on deck. At 1000 the anchor was weighed and we departed Refuge Cove, rounded Wilson’s Promontory then shaped a north westerly course for Port Phillip Bay. Throughout the day we continued with the training program firstly with Captains setting and furling drills then a Captain’s sail challenge which on this occasion required the Youth Crew to bring the Ship under a full press of sail. This they achieved in a relatively short period of time which proved to the staff that they had ‘hoisted in’ the previous days of training. This evening in perfect sailing conditions we conducted a good set of demonstrational tacks and have now settled into watches for the night. The time is now 2100 and we are located 9nm to the south of Cape Paterson sailing on a broad starboard reach under a full press of sail and making good a speed of 6.5kts. Until Tomorrow, take care. Yours Aye Captain Gav


38° 48' South / 145° 30' East


Currently located 9nm to the south of Cape Paterson and experiencing moderate 10-15kt NE winds with a .5m SW swell. Temp 18 Degrees, Barom 1011 Steady.