Captain's Log
19 July 2001

A Good Dose of Woody’s Cooking

After an uneventful and pleasant night at sea, the day has been equally pleasant with a quartering breeze pushing us along at a consistent six knots. All have now got their sea legs and are fully settled into life at sea.In the morning another round of rope races was conducted with Blue watch once more dominating. In the afternoon, after a short siesta to catch up on some much needed sleep, some deck games were held to wake everyone up again, after which I presented a lecture on the theory of sailing a square rigged ship, promptly putting them all back to sleep again. Most actually seemed to understand it all and will now be able to put the theory into practice between now and their Command Day.Currently we are approaching the Montebello Island Group to assess the viability of an anchorage for the night but with the prevailing conditions it does not look encouraging and I expect it will be another night at sea.So I must be off to monitor our approach and in the meantime will hand you over to Youth Crew Karmin Whybrow, aged 20 from Canberra who will provide you with her impressions of the voyage so far:Well as you should know by now the voyage got off to what can only be considered as an interesting start. After a first night of rather ordinary weather we have had some great days. Everyone is learning quickly and things are going really well.Today has been one of the best so far, the spew factor has reached zero and everyone is now getting a good dose of Woody’s galley cooking, the best to be found on and off land. Our day was uplifted with an unexpected visit from the Village People, who will hopefully be making an encore later in the voyage if their schedule permits…Well I’ve been asked from my watch to say hi to everyone’s families so… a big HELLO to everyone out there. Also the usual…we’ve seen whales and oilrigs and I’ve been told dolphins, other than that a lot of water.On a personal note – Thank God I’ve found my sea legs because I was getting one hell of an ab workout with all the spewin’ I was doing, not that it’s not appreciated but as mentioned before there is some good cooking aboard. G’day to the folks, and a huge ‘good luck’ to Unis Norths Rugby Club this weekend. Cheers ��� KarminAnd that’s all from us for now.Until tomorrowCap’n Bob


20° 20' South / 115° 35'


CO's Log 19 July 2001Situation at 1800 Thursday 19 July 2001: Course 265 Speed 4 knots running under square sails. Conditions: wind E 15 knots, partly cloudy, temp 21 degrees.