Captain's Log
6 June 2010

A Good 24hr Run

Hi Everyone, Welcome to day 3 of our voyage. Overnight we managed to maintain a speed of 6kts and by sunrise this morning we were located 20nm to the south west of Crowdy Head. As expected most of the Youth Crew have experienced different levels of seasickness throughout the night but most had overcome the ���wanting to die’ phase by morning brief. As the day progressed the swell moderated and the favourable south westerly winds remained. Given these conditions we continued with the training program and throughout the day the Youth Crew have continued to learn some new skills. Highlights of the day have been putting the Ship under a full press of sail (this means all sails with the exception of the fisherman and the gaff topsail) and being visited by a large pod of dolphins who thoroughly enjoyed themselves being pushed along by our bow wave. By 1600 we were located 7nm to the east of Port Macquarie sailing under a full press of sail and at times achieving boat speeds in excess of 10kts. Originally I had planned to anchor in Trial Bay tomorrow morning but given our extremely good run over the past 24 hours that anchorage will now occur late this evening.Once we are safely at anchor in Trial Bay the ship will revert to anchor watches and all onboard will enjoy a good nights rest.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


30° 59' South / 153° 7' East


Currenly located 8nm to the south of trial Bay and experiencing mod-strong 15-20kt SW winds with a 1.5m SE swell.