Captain's Log
19 August 2000

A Few Veteran Helmsman

Since sailing from Hervey Bay we have journeyed around the top of Fraser Island and down its eastern seaboard towards the Sunshine Coast. The buzz amongst the youth crew was that upon departing the ‘whale bay’ huge seas and gale force winds were to be encountered. Fortunately that was not the case but a residual swell of 3 metres and fluky winds almost saw a few veteran helmsman take the ship aback. Large waves breaking over the bow and bowsprit presented photo opportunities that were not to be missed, even if it meant getting soaked….Overnight the Youth Crew successfully completed their ‘Bear’ exercise, except for Red Watch who spent their watch setting and furling sails to meet the changing weather conditions. They’ll get their turn tonight. Today rope races and deck games were held at midships. Following this I briefed the youth crew on Command Day.Overall they are very keen and I am positive they will do very well as they are a close knit and harmonious bunch. They seemed to be quite enthused about the Beach Assault Team – they’ll just have to wait to find out how much fun it can be…. Since the winds are now backing slowly to the east, I have decided to press further south and seek a better anchorage at Mooloolaba for Sunday night and a rest before Command Day. Before then the youth crew will be put through their paces at setting and furling drills, followed by mid-voyage talks and Command Day elections at anchor.Speak tomorrowAndrew Davis


25° 15' South / 153° 31'


Current situation at 1800: At sea off the Sunshine Coast (but where's the sunshine ?) Course 190, Speed 7, Temp 16, Wind sou'east at 18 knots.