Captain's Log
17 February 2001

A Fairly Active Morning!

Today we cleaned, ate, polished, climbed, sang, set sails, furled sails, brailed sails, laughed, clewed sails, slept, ran, swam, got stung, swung on a swing, screamed, dived, sailed, pinched, spewed, had a birthday, drawed, navigated, cried, sea furled, saved a lifering overboard, knotted, sun baked, typed, cooked, danced and pranced.And all before morning tea…. Tomorrow may be a little busier.We plan on sailing south and reaching Broken Bay late Sunday afternoon. Youth Crew entry by Monique Mitchelhill 23 years of age from McGraths Hill, NSW and Skye Piggott 19 years of age from Newcastle, NSW.Well it is now our sixth day on board the ship and we feel like there is nothing that we cannot achieve, except being punctual……Today we conquered the 33-meter foremast once again, and set all three square sails. It felt very rewarding once back on deck to see what we had achieved and we know now we can accept any challenge set for us – not only on board Young Endeavour but in whatever obstacles lay ahead of us in life.This afternoon our hard work was recognised and we were rewarded with a deep-sea swim. The rope was brought out and everyone took turns swinging out off the bow, this refreshed all of us and then we were then ready to head back to our watches and tackle another night at sea.The two of us have realised that everyone cooperating with each other really makes a difference when trying to reach a common goal.Love to our Family and Friends ��� Blue watch babes signing off…..Monique and Skye xoxoStay tunedAndrew Davis


33° 9' South / 151° 57'


CO's Log Saturday 17 Feb 01Current situation at 1800: At sea off Swansea. Wind southerly (which is where we want to go) at 18 knots. Temp 22C.