Captain's Log
7 June 2009

A Day on the Beach

Hi Everyone, Welcome to Day 7 of the voyage. This morning dawned bright and clear and following the normal morning activities the Youth Crew were ferried ashore with packed lunches to enjoy a good 5 hours at Whitehaven Beach. While ashore they were given the opportunity to swim in the crystal clear water, play beach sports, go snorkelling or just take a long walk along this fantastic beach. By 1500 everyone was safely back onboard and following a short communication exercise we all enjoyed a very pleasant sunset teak deck BBQ (expertly cooked by Andy and myself) with the beautiful Whitehaven Beach as our backdrop. Once we had cleaned up from dinner I presented my Command Day lecture which was immediately followed by the YC Command and Command team selections. By 2030 these selections were complete and following a short question period with Staff the YC settled into anchor watches for the night and a well deserved rest in preparation for the commencement of what will prove to be a challenging Command Day. Please find attached Captains Log entries from the Youth Crew.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav YOUTH CREW CAPTAINS LOGMonday 6 July 2009 Ahoy mum, dad, gab, pan ,mike and alby, missing you and looking forward to seeing you, this has been one of the best experiences of my life, love you !! see you Friday. Sarah CowleyArr me hardys, how is all on the mainland. Today was the first day we all saw civilisation (not a bad thing)this has been a time of my life and have made so many mad new friends that I will never forget. If anyone is thinking of going on the young endeavour DO IT don’t slip it through anyway love all my friends and family mwa see you on Friday. Chantelle Starling (Channy)Hey Eveyone, Its steve, Having a great time, I can’t wait to tell you all heaps of stories about it, But I better get back to it, Have a good one, c u laterAhoy to all those on the mainland. Today we went to Whitehaven Beach and enjoyed a swim. The rope swing off the ship was out again today which was great. Missing everyone back home. See you on Friday. Going on the Young Endeavour is the best thing I have ever done. Hope you’re well Pop. Ashley (Red Watch)Ps. Thanks to Bel for the great stories and pick up lines. Having a blast and loving meeting all the fantastic people. Its unbelievable to think that we have only been united for such a short time yet share such a fulfilling bond. Im enjoying this experience soo much! CANT WAIT TO GO PARASAILING ON FRIDAY AND BEING UNITED WITH THE ONES I MISS  TAKE CARE AND DON’T LET THAT CHANCE SLIP AWAY!LOVE DANI ( DANIELLE ABBOTT (BLUE WATCH)P.S JOSH IS THE BEST WATCH LEADER AND I LOVE BELLS MORNING PIRATE PICK UP LINES ��� LMAO PEACE OUT!Ahoy Everyone (especially Mum and Jan), we had a visit to White Haven Beach-Whitsunday Islands today and it was so much fun (and so White!), I have made heaps of friends and am having a great time apart from the sea sickness when we are in motion. Missing you all and cant wait to be back on land again.PS. Thank You John Holland for giving me this great opportunity.PPS. Bellerina is Awesome- Go Red Team Love Arlene OxoHey, having a blast on my summer trip in the middle of winter.Mum or Dad could you please get someone to feed my fish, or at least get rid of the ones that have died. Ooooops. Love youKarlxxAhoy Leanne, rebecca and Barry Brigden. I am having so much fun on this trip. Today we went ashore to white haven beach and played games. I have also been jumping off the boat from the rope swing. Hope you are having a good holiday (becky), and working hard mum and dad. Say hi to tessa. Love you also Ashleigh brigden. XoxoxoxoxoxoHey Famz��_Dad I thought u would check the daily blogs, so its about time I wrote you! The Young Endevs is great, crew & staff also. Ive gained knowledge & confidence in areas I never knew of, you’ll be please to know ill answer a few Nautical questions correctly when I come back, may even be of better assistance on our boat  Anchored in White Haven currently, sunbaked & swam most of today which was a nice break. Tomoro is Command day, the crew are the ones in charge so that’s ME! I love going up to the top gallant yard, it’s a great view. Gota go, c u Friday. Britt Pirate xoxoThe old sea dog Andy says ahoy to his girls (Joyanne, Erin and Callie). Compared to a southern winter, life in the sunny Whitsunday Islands with a great crew has been tough! Miss you all and looking forward to seeing you soon. Stay safe. xoxo


20° 17' South / 149° 3' East


Currently at anchor at Whitehaven and experiencing 10kt SE winds