Captain's Log
13 July 2010

A Busy Day At sea

Tuesday 13 July 10Hi Everyone, After an Early Morning Activity (EMA) and breakfast this morning, the Youth Crew were mustered on the port side of the bridge and introduced to the traditional ceremony of colours (raise flags and sing National Anthem) followed by morning brief. On completion it was straight into cleaning stations (Happy Hour) followed by a very comprehensive safety equipment brief given by our Safety Equipment Specialist Penny. Under the guidance of their Watch Leaders, the Youth Crew spent the rest of the morning conducting setting and furling drills and learning a few of the intricacies of tall ship sailing. At 1300 the lines were cast off and Young Endeavour departed her berth at the Mackay Marina. Once in open water, fore and aft sails were set, the ship brought hard onto the wind and a course shaped to the north east. During the hours that followed the Youth Crew learnt how to brace the yards and continued to perfect their sail setting and furling drills. By 1500 all of the Watch Leaders had reported that they were happy with the skills of their respective watches so the Ship was called to tacking stations and the Youth Crew demonstrated that they had ���hoisted in’ all of the days training by completing their first set of tacks as a crew (put the bow of the ship through the wind). On completion of our third and final tack I initiated a Man Overboard Exercise which involved handing in all sail and manoeuvring the ship to recover the lifebuoy that we had thrown overboard to simulate a person in the water. Once this recovery was complete we decided that we would give everyone a short 15 minute swim to finish of the afternoon. The time is now 2000 and following the completion of another tack, the Youth Crew have now settled into their watches for this evening. Given the current conditions it is my intention to head east overnight then reassess our options for anchorages in the morning. At the moment we are located 10nm to the north east of Mackay sailing close hauled on a starboard tack and experiencing relatively light conditions.Until tomorrow, take care.Yours AyeCaptain Gav


21° 7' South / 149° 23' East


Currently located 10nm NE of Mackay and experiencing light SE winds with a .5m swell.