Captain's Log
30 August 2001

A Bone in Her Mouth

We’ve found winter and are awaiting the storm. That LOW pressure system you can see on your TV sets is coming up behind us and she’s got a bone in her mouth. We are still three days out from land and making good speed. We rigged our storm sails today in readiness for our friend’s arrival.Youth Crew entry by Michael Sim from Canberra.We are sailing from Esperance to Adelaide and we are having just as good a time as the first time I came aboard three years ago. The first night when we were on the topgallant yard I remembered why I loved the Young Endeavour. Hi to everybody at home hope ya having as much fun as us. The weather is looking like it is about to get rough which is what I expected from the Great Aussie Bight. See ya all on dry land.Youth crew entry by Martin Schofield from Erowal Bay.Coming back to the Young Endeavour for the second time is just as exiting as the first time. It was fairly tiring the first couple of days but now we are getting into the pattern. If the voyage stays like this it should be great. I love you Mum. Missing everyone but when you are in the middle of the ocean you get that. Haven’t seen land for 2 days. Before I go I would like to thank Gates NSW for giving me the 2 weeks off to take this voyage. See everyone when I get home. See ya.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


35° 40' South / 128° 40'


CO's Log 30 Aug 2001Current situation at 1800: At sea a long way south of the WA/SA border. Weather inclement. Wind easterly at 15 knots. Temp 13C. 3540S, 12840E.