Captain's Log
28 May 2001

A Bit Queasy

Last night we departed Endeavour Strait and turned south into the Gulf of Carpentaria. It got a bit rough (not that rough) and a few of the crew got a bit queasy. Nevertheless we pushed on and this morning the YC proved to themselves that they could set and furl all the sails on board in preparation for Command Day. This afternoon theyheld elections and voted in the new team.We are at anchor now and will stay here overnight for our first nights’ stop in a week. Since leaving Cairns a week ago the ship has only been at anchor for 14 hours. So you can see we’ve done a lot of sailing. The YC take over at 6:30am tomorrow and their mission is to sail south to Weipa, some 70 miles away and anchor in Albatross Bay at 6:30am Wednesday. I know they’ll do well.No YC entry tonight – they are all too busy preparing for tomorrow.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


11° 45' South / 141° 56'


CO's Log Monday 28 May 01Current situation at 1800: At anchor at the mouth of Skardon River. Wind sou'easterly at 10 knots. Temp 24C.