Captain's Log
11 April 2001

60% Spew Rate

Seems like one of Youth Crew wants my job. Here’s what happened today…Youth crew entry by Andrew Aohler, 18 of Nowra. Today started off with the usual Crew brief with a happy report that we are currently on a 60% spew rate. After the brief we all took part in ‘happy hour’ or what it has been more commonly referred to as Crappy hour (happy hour being cleaning stations). After crappy hour we went to pulling down the square sails which once again involved climbing aloft. To a couple this was going to be a fun filled activity, to most (including myself) it wasn’t something to be enjoyed yet we still managed to climb to the top of the 33m mast and heave in the sails.For the sicker ones this was another opportunity to personally repaint the decks from above. This was understandable as climbing 33m in 3m swells isn’t for a weak stomach. After the sails were all pulled down we were then graciously given a siesta break. After lunch we had some rope races, which involved racing against the other two watches finding certain pieces of safety equipment around the ship. Once the races were finished we were given an informative lesson on navigation. It was then dinner time and for most time for bed. I would also like to say hi to Mum and Dad and to my girlfriend Laura ��� missing u heaps. Plus Paul and myself say hello to all our friends especially those in Nowra (All that you can’t leave behind).A gale warning is forecast for this area so we are skedaddling north as quickly as we can and are bound for the Yeppoon area.Stay tunedAndrew Davis


24° 42' South / 153° 28'


CO's LOG Wednesday 11 April 2001Current situation at 2000: Off the northern tip of Fraser Island, Wind sou'east at 10 Knots. Under topsail and some fore and aft sail. Temp - getting warmer.