Captain's Log
30 October 2002


Situation at 20:00.The Youth Crew used last night’s anchor watches to prepare themselves for command day. Today’s morning brief saw a markedreduction in the size of Engineer Rags’scran harvest, much to his dismay. Salty Sea Dog Damo regaled us with what happens when a ‘Brass Monkey’meets cannon balls in cold climates.At 09:00 Captain John formally passed command of YOUNG ENDEAVOUR to Nick, who had been selected by the Youth Crew to lead them through command day. Before long, Captain Nick had ordered the Beach AssaultTeam (BAT) of four to land at Merimbula and claim the beach in the name of the youth of Australia. The BAT used their imagination andconvinced 42 local residents to join them in singing the national anthem. One local was heard to comment that this was the mostexciting thing to happen in Merimbula in quite some time.With the BAT safely back onboard, the Ship weighed anchor and sailed at 11:30. The planned route was designed to pass throughseveral way points each worth a different score. The plan is to accumulate as many points as possible on the way to Eden.Shortly before sunset, the passing of a cold front brought a sudden change in the weather. With virtually no warning a forty knot squall struck and signalled the start of an hour of busy activity. Fortunately, the T’Gallant Staysail had been furled shortly before this and the remaining sails were able to withstand the sudden gustswith no damage. The wind has now eased to twenty knots and backed around to the South, which will allow the Youth Crew to pass through several more way points.YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Brain Teaser: Where does the white go when the snow melts?? Where does your lap go when you stand up??YOUNG ENDEAVOUR Glossary:Brails-The lines used to gather up to the mast a fore-and-aft sail such as the mainsail. Hauling on these lines pulls the sail in to the mast to assist in furling it. Buntlines-Lines attached to the foot of square sails used to pull up the bunt (centre) of the sail to the yard when clewing it up.Thought of the day: He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how. Frederick Nietzsche.Yours, AyeJohn CowanLCDR, RAN 


37°12's / 150°14'e


At sea sailing under Fore Staysail, Main Staysail and Main Sail. Wind Sou'West at 30 kts with gusts up to 40 kts. Sea State 3.