Captain's Log
23 October 2007

23/23 October – Command Day, Port Arthur to Hobart

Hey Everyone!!In the past 24 hours, the YE Youth Crew took command of the ship for Command Day. This day is when the 25 Youth Crew are empowered with a 44m long tall ship and instructed to travel from Point A (Port Arthur) to Point B (Hobart). The two command teams chosen were originally intended to share Command Day in two 12 hour lots, however due to gale force winds and 6m seas in Storm Bay, at around 6pm yesterday it was decided that the YE’s regular crew would take charge and sail us towards the mouth of the Derwent. In the morning Command Team II took charge in much more calm waters for some deck activities and also sailing the remaining leg to Hobart. Throughout the course of the day the Youth Crew made a Hammock on the deck out of rope (which held 20 people above the deck), climbed aloft all at the same time and, due to the lack of wildlife spottings, dressed up as dolpins, seals and jellyfish for a laugh!!Command Day has been a great experience for all the crew and hopefully everyone has taken something away with them from this great opportunity, as well as had a blast and a half at the same time!!!!Thanks for tuning in :)Simone


42° 53' South / 147° 21' East


Wind - NW 20 Knots, At Anchor Derwent Estuary